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你,也如此吗? 现在就加入我们吧!

Senior 3D Modeler

Looking for someone who has a passion for art, an interest in environment art, demonstrates the ability to model and texture 3D props, environments, and characters, and a well-organized person. To assist supervisors to guide/support juniors as well.

Junior & Senior Fx Artist

As the FX Artist, you will work in conjunction with the VFX Supervisors, lighters, compositors and team leads to ensure shots are delivered at the highest standard. You will be a part of our dynamic studio atmosphere and spend your days:

- working closely with VFX Supervisors to creatively solve effects challenges and develop final shot look

- working with other artists to create effects and physically accurate simulations

Junior & Senior 3D Animator

Solid understanding of character animation, and Create lip-sync, facial, and body character animation as well as prop animation, Strong IK/FK animation skills. The animator will work closely together with the other animators 

Junior & Senior Lighting Artist

Responsible for creating captivating lighting and atmospheric effects for our animated TV series. Your primary objective will be to enhance the visual aesthetics, mood, and storytelling of the series by skillfully setting the lighting and ambiance through the proper placement and manipulation of lights and shadows.

Further questions regarding recruitment, please email to
For internship application, please fill in the following form.
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